Let's visit Oze National Park from Uonuma city.

Now is the time to visit Oze National Park from Uonuma city.
We recommend you to stay uonuma hot spring Ryokan after coming back from Oze. 

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Oze Route opens in June

Uonuma city is a gateway to Oze National Park

Uonuma city is not only known as the tasty rice district but also known as a gateway to Oze National Park. We call the route from Uonuma city to Oze National Park as Oze Route. You can easily visit Oze National Park from Uonuma city. The landscape on the way to Oze National Park from Uonuma city is rich and variety.


From May to November till snow falling

Mallet golf may be enjoyed by people of all ages.

A good point of this golf is possible to play by people of all ages. Inexperience people of this can play with ceperienced people together. As we have 36 holes gourse, many people are able to play at same time. Just Hitting ball with a stick like a mallet. Play with family, friends, members of cercle activities are recommended. You can enjoy mallet golf a hole day with low charge.


Test in December

Learning about Uonuma city and Oze National Park. 

We have started the proficiency test and published the proficiency test text book about  Uonuma city and Oze National Par to be more famous and enjoying Uonuma city and Oze NP. The text book introuduces the nature, geography, places of scenic beautiy and historic interest, shrines and temples, local specialty, hot springs, authors, culture and etc.  You'd be able to get wide knowledge of Uonuma and Oze through the book and it make you fun to trip. The text book can be used as a good guid book.


Visiting Oze National Park and Art Show 

Paintings by primary-school children

Oze National Park is very famous for the place of nature preservation area and a part of it belongs to Uonuma city.  Every 5th grad students in Uonuma city visit Oze National Park as extracurricular lesson to study the importance of preserving nature.


The beautiful four seasons in Uonuma

Drop in Naka-arasawa eternal snow promenade

You can see the 2000 m elevation's plants and eternal snow promenade at 1000m elevation place.  It takes about 40 minutes walk from the start of mountain trail. You are also able to see spring flowers and summer flowers are blooming at same time in summer at this place. It is an experience of time slip.


Hot Spring Resorts run along Oze Route

Yunotani-Onsen-kyo is a place of hot springs

Yunotani-Onsen-Kyo is a area of hot spring resorts. One of area in Yunotani-Onesen-Kyo is Oyu-Onsen hot spring resort which has been opend about 1200 years before. This area became very busy in Edo period (1603 to 1868) as silver mine area and Okutadami dam construction made this area busy again in Showa period (1926 to 1989). Today, people visit Yunotani-Onsenkyo to enjoy the nature of Uonuma or hot-spring health resort.


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