The test is conducted in December.

Fun to kow about Uonuma city and Oze National Park

We have started the Uonuma and Oze proficiency test to be known about our city and Oze national park going from our city. We made up a text book for this test.



From elementary students to old age people

In recent years, we have some elementary school examinees. So we made new text book for them to read the book easier by puting kana alongside difficult Chinese characters to note pronunciation. Reading the text book make them to know about history, siteseeing spots concerning with Uonuma and Oze national park.



As a tourist guid book

There are many information about the sightseeing spots. So The text book can be used as a tourist guid book. We found that there was no tourist guid book about Uonuma city. So we made up a guid book about Uonuma city & Oze National Park with 4 languages, Japanese, English, Hangul language and Chinese. This guid book is available at Uonuma City Tourist Association.

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