June to October

Visiting Oze National Park by boat is a special route.

There are many route to visit Oze National Park but the route from Uonuma city by boat is a special. The view of lake Okutadami watching from boat is exceptional.

Wonderful view from boat in the lake Okutadami.

You might be surprised at visiting Oze high land by boat. Using boat to visit Oze National Park make you possible to see special view of the lake Okutadami  scenery. The view from boat shows us beautiful conbination white snow and light gree buds in spring, deep green forest in summer and colorful forest reflecting on the lake in autumn.



One hour walking take you to Ozenuma from Uonuma city!?

After using boat, use bus from Oze-guchi boat terminal to Miike-touge bus terminal then change to shuttle bu to Numayama-touge bus terminal. From there, you walk for about one hour to Ozenuma wet land and its altitude is 1660m. This route may be easyer than other routes for older generation to visit Oze-numa.  

Oze National Park is located in alpine region.

Don't take visiting Oze National Park lightly even the place is easy to visit. Beccause it is located in alpine region, so minimum equipment is requested as same as climbing mountains. Don't forget it.

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